Benefit to you

While the Thoughtful Engagement® program benefits your clients and their families, it also brings powerful benefits to your business.

Adding an enrichment program gives you a mid-price service that augments and does not compete with your care management offerings. (The staff requirements and job duties are entirely different.)

Our care manager licensees generally report an average increase in revenues of 8 to 10 percent, with the added benefit of improved cash flow (filling in for those times when clients are stabilized and do not need intensive care management).

Offer a more comprehensive service

We all know that quality of life is literally what makes life worth living. But there is no pill for that. With the Thoughtful Engagement® program, however, you become the quality-of-life company. You are able to reignite joy in the lives of your clients and provide relief for their families. Thankyou notes consistently talk about the spark of life your engagements have rekindled. And the relief is palpable. Be it relief from worry or respite from overwork, spouses and adult children are deeply grateful for your contribution to their family life.  

Offer more expanded services to your existing clients

For those periods when the need for intense clinical support has diminished, you can remain connected with clients and their families through lower cost enrichment services. Based on the interests and life history of the client, you generate uniquely meaningful experiences. For example: 

Diversify your client base

Expand beyond clinical support to work with families distressed by a loved one’s isolation. They know their loved one deserves joy, they just don’t know how to generate it. You do! Consider these success stories with clients “outside the usual” for care management:

  • Widowhood. Exploring senior center outings with a widow as she learns to socialize without her husband.
  • Withdrawal and isolation. Helping an anxious man leave his house by creating a collection of mounted photos of his beloved dog taken at various nearby locations.
  • Depression. Listening to old rock and roll records with a depressed uncle and taking him to an oldies radio station to relive his years as a disc jockey.
  • The disabled. Providing a gardening buddy for a man at high risk for falls so his wife can visit friends and go to the doctor without worrying.
  • Mental illness. Supporting a well-managed, middle-aged schizophrenic to return to oil painting and exhibit his work.

Connect with referrers
in new ways

Your eldercare colleagues are well versed in their fields, be it finances, the law, or community medicine. They are at a loss, however, when it comes to improving quality of life. They see clients whose spark is starting to diminish. Or family caregivers who are completely fried. Your referrers want to help but don’t know where to turn. With your Thoughtful Engagement® program, they have a new option:

  • Fiduciaries. Many fiduciaries have clients in group homes where the custodial care may be superb, but there is no provision for engaging the spirit. Your enrichment programs are an excellent option for addressing the needs of the whole person.
  • Attorneys. Frequently, attorneys see family caregivers who are stressed and burned out. It’s all the families can do to keep their loved ones clean, dry, and fed. The client needs stimulation and the family caregivers desperately need time off. Thoughtful Engagement® delivers both!
  • Home health agencies. Caseworkers often discharge clients knowing that the medical episode may be complete, but their patient is going to end up isolated and lonely. Thoughtful Engagement® provides a solution so they don’t have to feel they have abandoned their patients when they leave.
  • Group-home owners. Board and care homes can offer an excellent care alternative, but they are often limited by manpower in what they can provide. Physical care subsequently takes precedence. Bringing in a Thoughtful Engagement® specialist periodically allows for quality engagement at a reasonable price.
  • Support group facilitators. Family caregivers look to their support group facilitators for advice and referrals. Thoughtful Engagement® provides a creative and personalized alternative to adult day centers.
  • Primary care physicians. More and more doctors are becoming aware of the drain on family caregivers, particularly depression and stress-related illnesses. By suggesting Thoughtful Engagement®, they are able to offer respite ideas and nonpharmaceutical support to their caregiving patients.

Stand out from the competition

You become known as the quality-of-life company. Your success story blogs and handouts are heartwarming and inspiring. They draw attention to your creativity and insight and associate your brand with joy and ingenuity. Plus, you receive an area exclusive. None of your local competitors can license the Thoughtful Engagement® program.

Expand your staffing horizons

  • No certification needed. Your Thoughtful Engagement® Specialists need a big heart and the ability to listen well. Beyond that, there is no certification needed. All the support that is required is included in the Thoughtful Engagement® Business System.
  • Superb flex-time opportunity. By providing flexible hours and even part-time work, you are able to draw from a much larger pool of candidates. Have a current employee who needs a change? Now they can stay as part of the team, simply shifting over to a new role and schedule.
  • A channel for professional growth. If you have a strong employee with leadership potential, let them develop and manage the program. With the Thoughtful Engagement® Business System, support sessions and marketing materials give you the necessary resources to confidently let them run with the project. No need to lose a good employee for lack of a professional challenge!
  • Ideal as a retirement business. Tired of the stress of clinical care? Consider transitioning your practice to an enrichment-only program. You get to continue in your field but don’t have to deal with medical crises and family politics. You just bring joy to the client and relief for the family!

Get your program up and running quickly

With the Thoughtful Engagement® Business System, you receive the documentation, contracts, marketing resources, and professional support you need to quickly get your program live and in front of the public. (Average setup time is four weeks.) From webpage to client contracts, hiring ads to marketing handouts, you receive a turnkey system that allows you to confidently launch this innovative service while avoiding the classic pitfalls of a new endeavor.

Are you ready to grow? Give us a call at 623-776-3098 to see if your market is still available.

What Our Clients Say


“The TEP has been an answer to pray for my family. As a caregiver to my partner, I was physically, emotionally and mentally done and didn’t know where to turn. The TEP was just what he needed as a patient and what I needed. He looks forward to his outings and is enjoying life again. Thanks for being there and caring!”