What Your Clients Receive

The Thoughtful Engagement® program is a research-supported, personalized activity program that enhances quality of life for older adults through social enrichment, personal connection, and ample amounts of fun. Each client receives a customized engagement plan based on personal preferences, strengths, and limitations. These personalized plans include both in-home visits/activities and special outings of the clients’ choosing.

Services can be provided regardless of age, diagnosis, disease progression, or activity level. People who have benefited from the Thoughtful Engagement® program include persons with dementia or developmental or physical disabilities. Persons with mental illness. Also people having difficulties with depression, anxiety, or life transitions, such as widows or new residents at long-term care facilities. The program can serve clients living in a private home, group home, assisted living, or nursing home facility.


Your clients’ individual interests and goals come alive when arrangements are managed so that every activity can be enjoyed without worry. The program moves beyond traditional “senior activities” to include creative, thoughtful, and entertaining engagement opportunities that are specially tailored to the individual. From the whimsical to the practical, you learn how to create safe yet unusual activities that reignite joy for the client and relief for their families.


  • A handmade birthday card for a grandchild
  • A visit to the museum
  • A thriving indoor garden
  • A night at the opera
  • Trail rides in the foothills
  • A visit to an “oldies” radio station

The goal is to nurture, inspire, and continuously explore whatever brings each client joy. Based on extensive expertise working with older adults and persons with disabilities, the Thoughtful Engagement® program allows you to create activity plans that are fun, personally meaningful, and truly engaging.


This personalized, one-to-one service model allows you to meet individual needs at every point along life’s journey. The program is suitable for all levels of mobility, cognition, memory, and overall health. The program is especially helpful to individuals affected by neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. But it can also enrich the lives of persons with mental health issues, the disabled, the depressed, or simply those in a difficult life passage, such as widowhood, who could use some companionship as they navigate new waters.


Because it is individualized, the Thoughtful Engagement® program offers something for everyone, from the activity enthusiast to the stoic sage. The program honors their journey, appreciates their history, and cares about their story. This philosophy is reflected in every aspect of the program design.

What Our Clients Say

Tina Buchanan, CEO, MSW, ALCM

“Before I invested in the Thoughtful Engagement Program, I was struggling to come up with a creative solution for our isolated clients.  I knew that the isolation and loss of sense of purpose was leading to physical and mental health decline. When I implemented the Thoughtful Engagement Program into me business I watched the light come over our clients faces again and watched them begin to live again. Thank you Crystal for being so passionate about bringing the joy back to our elders.”