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Thoughtful Engagement® offers several options from basic program materials to comprehensive ongoing support. Contact us so we can explore how we can best meet your agency’s needs.

    What Our Clients Say

    “Before I invested in the Thoughtful Engagement Program, I was struggling to come up with a creative solution for our isolated clients.  I knew that the isolation and loss of sense of purpose was leading to physical and mental health decline. When I implemented the Thoughtful Engagement Program into me business I watched the light come over our clients faces again and watched them begin to live again. Thank you Crystal for being so passionate about bringing the joy back to our elders.”

    Tina Buchanan, CEO, MSW, ALCM
    Visionary Cares

    “Our Care Management Team is thrilled to offer our clients and community the new and exciting program, Thoughtful Engagement® (TEP). Crystal and her team have developed a “turn-key” program for care management agencies looking to expand their services and provide fun and meaningful activities tailored to the individual client. As an Aging Life Care Specialist, I’m always searching for creative services to enhance our client’s journey- TEP is it!”

    Christy F. Baynes, MSHA, MBA, CMC
    President & Lead Geriatric Care Manager
    LifeCare for Seniors, LLC

    “Many of the seniors we work with want a companion they can really talk with about current events or other topics of mutual interest. Many have lost interest in former hobbies or activities they once enjoyed and need encouragement to begin anew. During this time of greater isolation, some simply need a friendly voice to see how things are going and enjoy a game of chess. We are hoping to fill that gap in our client’s lives with the Thoughtful Engagement® Program. Our para-professionals will bring a new type of companion service to those we serve. Our goal with this program is to bring greater joy and engagement in life back to those who may not be finding it in other ways. Crystal has been great to work with and assisting us in developing this new area of our practice.”

    Nancy Oriola, LCSW, CMC, NMG, CFP
    Aging Life LLC