Frequently Asked Questions

Will Thoughtful Engagement compete with my care management program?

Quite the contrary! A Thoughtful Engagement® program allows you to offer additional services to clients once they are stabilized and do not need your intensive care management support.

Our licensees report an increase in revenue and smoothing of their cash flow: Fewer dips in the months following the onboarding and original incident. Remember, the skills needed for a Thoughtful Engagement® Specialist are distinct from the skills needed for a care manager. You don’t send a Thoughtful Engagement® Specialist to accompany a client to the doctor. They are specialists in a social program and only provide enrichment activities.

In addition, there are ways to market the program to draw in new clients through Thoughtful Engagement® who then decide to add care management once they have more experience with the company.

How long does it take to get up and running?

It varies by the licensee’s own timetable. The quickest we have had is a three-week turnaround from signing the paperwork to taking on their first client. That licensee was motivated and highly responsive. On average it takes one to two months, depending on whether you have a specialist in mind already or need to find one.

What qualities/skills does the Thoughtful Engagement® Specialist need to have?

This unique position requires JOY, organization, and creativity. That’s it! Perfect for an empathetic individual with only limited experience working with elders. A student nurse or social worker. Or an experienced care manager looking for a fun, low-intensity way to continue in the field without the intensity of medical advocacy, emergency call, and difficult family dynamics. (Think of it as a great retirement option or option for a staff member with young children.) We provide materials to help you with recruitment and training.

How do I promote my Thoughtful Engagement® program?

First, approach the program as your commitment to quality of life. You have an exclusive service that focuses on those elusive but very important factors of purpose, meaning, and joy for individuals in need of help. It is also your answer to the need for families to get some relief.

“Reigniting joy for your loved one. Relief for you!”

The Thoughtful Engagement® Business System provides tools to help you be successful in your marketing endeavors. Beginning with a marketing plan, the program further offers


  • a PowerPoint presentation for referrers
  • a branded printmaster for a trifold brochure .pdf to email or print out for referrer offices, inclusion in prospective client packets, etc.
  • a press release announcing your Thoughtful Engagement service
  • introductory communication templates for your existing clients
  • introductory communication templates for your referrers
  • a branded webpage describing your services
  • a blog with ten entries illustrating case studies across a wide range of situations (dementia, widowhood, poor transition to ALF, depression, mental illness, etc.)
  • branded handout .pdfs you can email or print out that correspond to the blog case studies
  • ability to use blog text in your LinkedIn profiles, or excerpts as updates in social media
  • periodic meetings with Thoughtful Engagement® and brainstorming meetings with all licensees

Are you ready to grow? Give us a call at 623-776-3098 to see if your market is still available.

What Our Clients Say

Nancy Oriola, LCSW, CMC, NMG, CFP

“Many of the seniors we work with want a companion they can really talk with about current events or other topics of mutual interest. Many have lost interest in former hobbies or activities they once enjoyed and need encouragement to begin anew. During this time of greater isolation, some simply need a friendly voice to see how things are going and enjoy a game of chess. We are hoping to fill that gap in our client’s lives with the Thoughtful Engagement® Program. Our para-professionals will bring a new type of companion service to those we serve. Our goal with this program is to bring greater joy and engagement in life back to those who may not be finding it in other ways. Crystal has been great to work with and assisting us in developing this new area of our practice.”