How It Works

The expenses involved in any new program include research, pilot testing, and course corrections on the clinical side, as well as development of legal and administrative infrastructure on the business side. The Thoughtful Engagement® program allows you to be an innovator while removing the risk and expense of a long ramp-up time. With our resources and training, you can start seeing your first client within a month of licensing the program.

The Process

From your initial inquiry through successful implementation, The Thoughtful Engagement® Business System offers information, documentation, resources, and consultation to guide your agency’s growth.

Thoughtful Engagement® Business System

The Thoughtful Engagement® Business System provides everything you need to quickly and easily stand out in your community with this exciting quality-of-life program.

You receive:

  • An area exclusive. We know that you are operating in a competitive environment. That’s why we promise that you will have the exclusive rights to this innovative program within your marketing territory.
  • Coaching and guidance. From hiring advice to marketing strategies, you receive one-on-one attention from our experienced Thoughtful Engagement® staff.
  • Support from your peers. Periodic Zoom meetings and a private Facebook group allow you to share challenges and solutions with fellow licensees around the country. None of you are competitors, so you can share freely and learn from each other.
  • Quality assurance. In addition to materials and training, you receive the benefits of the growing national reputation of Thoughtful Engagement®. The success of one is the success of all! We offer the system only to select business owners who are interviewed in advance to make certain they are positioned for successful implementation.


  • Start-up guide
  • Program description
  • Marketing guide
  • Marketing materials
  • Branded webpage and handouts
  • Client forms, documentation, and contracts
  • Hiring resources
  • Training resourcesMonthly coaching sessions, included in the first year
  • Access to local and national enrichment resources
  • Zoom meetings with all licensees
  • Private Facebook group for licensees
  • Monthly coaching sessions after Year 1 (Optional) 

Enhanced Support Available

If you want ongoing support beyond your initial business system purchase, we’re here for you. Options include access to a constantly expanding blog library, additional training videos and support sessions with your team.

You can purchase enhanced support with your initial package or at a later time as your needs dictate. Call us to discuss what’s right for you.

Are you ready to grow? Give us a call at 623-776-3098 to see if your market is still available.

What Our Clients Say

Tina Buchanan, CEO, MSW, ALCM

“Before I invested in the Thoughtful Engagement Program, I was struggling to come up with a creative solution for our isolated clients.  I knew that the isolation and loss of sense of purpose was leading to physical and mental health decline. When I implemented the Thoughtful Engagement Program into me business I watched the light come over our clients faces again and watched them begin to live again. Thank you Crystal for being so passionate about bringing the joy back to our elders.”